Cutting Edge Thinking

Practical Solutions

Designed around how you conduct business.

As one of the oldest Claris FileMaker developers, KVC has worked on hundreds of custom projects ranging from simple data management solutions to complex server based applications with Internet accessibility, including over your iPhone or iPad.

We feel that a database should be designed around how you conduct business, not change the way you conduct your business.

We are proud that our databases have been used for such things as the 1992 Super Bowl, the 1997 Final Four mens college basketball tournament and that our programs have been used to handle security for the Minnesota Timberwolves basketball team and other events at the Target Center.

We also develop iOS applications for iPhone, iPad and iTouch.  An example of what we have done can be seen on the Apple iTunes store.  Our Gas & Oil application has been sold in over 27 countries!  Gas & Oil not only calculates the mixture ratios for you, it also inventories your equipment with photos!